KJ Reports

KJ Vids is an online publisher that researches geopolitical, economic and social issues and then attempts to present findings in an illustrative way so that people have the opportunity to understand events with context and beyond the headlines.

KJ Vids is non-partisan and does not belong to any political or theological parties/movements or groups. It is entirely independent from the influencer of states.

Currently it has over 76,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 400,000 followers on Facebook. It has collaborated with YaleGlobal, Asian Affairs and many notable analysts.

Write Manage

Writemanage.com is a SaaS application designed to enable organisations to easily manage their writers and track the status of their blog/articles and scripts.

The software was born to solve the problem of managing multiple writers across the world by offering a seamless, central hub to manage all article stages, thus eliminating long email and chat trails of communication

Unlike other task tools, Write Manage is a niche application specifically designed for writers and content managers.

Fund My Video

Fund My Video is an influencer marketing platform designed to help content creators connect with brands globally.The platform has numerous methods of creating sponsorship deals and allows both creators and brands to send proposals to each other.The unique feature of Fund My Video is its fixed priced sponsorship option where brands can instantly purchase advertising slots for content creators on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.